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The Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam is one of the most ancient and best-equipped schools in our Tamil Nadu State. Started in 1864, it has had a distinguished career for the last 150 years, and it has been associated with some of the most famous educationists in South India.

As the proverb has “better late than never”, at the preliminary meeting of the 15th March 1930 it was resolved to start and Old Boys’ Association in which all the old boys of the School, all the members of the staff, past and present and all the members of the Town High School Association past and present are eligible to become members.

It was proposed to celebrate the First Old Boys’ Day on Thursday the 17th of April 1930. The Hon’ble Mr. Muthia Mudaliar Avl., B.A., B. L., Minister to the Government of Madras and an old boy of the School, has graciously presided on the occasion. Since then the Association has had an unbroken record of service to the Alma Mater and to the present students and has been celebrating the Old Students’s Day every year under the presidentship of a distinguished old students as a mark of showing honour to them in collaboration with the School Day and has been of ever-increasing usefulness.