About Us

The Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam is one of the most ancient and best-equipped schools in our Tamil Nadu State. Started in 1864, it has had a distinguished career for the last 150 years, and it has been associated with some of the most famous educationists in South India.

As you enter the Ramanujan Hall of the Town Higher Secondary School, you come upon a hall full of portraits of great personalities. A feeling of reverence and respect creeps in upon you and as you turn your eye from portrait to portrait, your mind takes in at a glance the great gallery of brilliant students, teachers and secretaries who have left foot-prints on the sands of time and hallowed the memories and enriched the reputation and traditions of the Town Higher Secondary School. It was the hard work of the great teachers who taught here and the brilliant students who sat at their feet drawing inspiration and lessons from them that have built the glorious name and fame of the School these 150 years.

It has sent out into the world thousands of pupils many of whom are now occupying positions of trust and responsibility in every walk of life. In a big educational institution like this, students come in and pass out almost in an eternal procession. To bind them together by the silken chord of affection and gratitude an organization is necessary. The Old Students Association has more than fulfilled this mission.

As the proverb has “better late than never”, at the preliminary meeting of the 15th March 1930 it was resolved to start and Old Boys’ Association in which all the old boys of the School, all the members of the staff, past and present and all the members of the Town High School Association past and present are eligible to become members.
It was proposed to celebrate the First Old Boys’ Day on Thursday the 17th of April 1930. The Hon’ble Mr. Muthia Mudaliar Avl., B.A., B. L., Minister to the Government of Madras and an old boy of the School, has graciously presided on the occasion. Since then the Association has had an unbroken record of service to the Alma Mater and to the present students and has been celebrating the Old Students’s Day every year under the presidentship of a distinguished old students as a mark of showing honour to them in collaboration with the School Day and has been of ever-increasing usefulness.

The objects of the Association is to bring together the Old Students and the present students, in an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality to provide help to the deserving pupils of the school and to render financial or other aids towards the welfare of the School. It has also helped to keep alive the bond between the School and the Old Students. The dazzling heights to which some of the Old Students of the School ascended by dint of their inherent abilities and the training they had here at the School, have fascinated many a younger student at School and inspired them to high endeavor. In keeping up the banner of higher ideals and presenting the shining examples of some of its distinguished members before the present generation of students, the Old Students Association has proved its great usefulness and established a fine record of progress.

Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan, Shri T.V. Sadasiva Pandarathar, Diwan Bahadur Dr. S. Rangachari, Shri Kasthuri Ranga Iyengar, Rao Saheb K.V. Krishnaswami Aiyar, Shri Chinnaswami Rajam, Shri G.A. Natesan, Shri. G. Lakshmanan, Shri. T.T. Krishnamachari, Shri Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman, Shri Shiv Nadar and a host of others have shone in disparate walks of life as exemplars to humanity and brought honour and fame to their Alma Mater and to our Association. Many scholarships are endowed in their names and the recipients are bound to be inspired by their example. Even to-day the old students of the School are spread throughout the subcontinent serving the country and its administratin, enriching political and social life or otherwise adding to her attainments in several directions .

The Town Higher Secondary School Old Students Association has had excellent ruddermen in their Presidents and Secretaries who have piloted the Association safely through many a storm that blew over the fortunes of the School. Mr. T. K. Sivaramayyar was our first President and Mr. N.R. Kedhari Rao was our first Secretary. Along with Old Students the Staff Secretaries have done yeoman service to the Association.

The Office bearers of the Association will be elected every year while the Headmaster of the School is the Ex-Officio Executive Member.

The Association has got to its credit numerous endowments which are invested in fixed deposits. From out of the interest received from the said fixed deposits, prizes are awarded every year to the deserving students of the school.

Old students’ matches are held every year between the Old Students’, present students and school staff to bring them together.

Our institution has become an inseparable limb of the School, helping it to grow in strength, reputation and usefulness.

The Over the long period of 87 years, the Association has been rendering immense noble service to the cause of education, through the Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam and the larger public.