Srinivasa Ramanujan – World Famous Mathematical Genius

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Ramanujan was born in 1887 in Erode, the native place of his mother, but his family lived at Sri Sarangapani Swami East Sannidhi Street in the town of Kumbakonam, which was the scene of his early life and career. He belonged to a poor Sri Vaishnava Brahmin family. His father was an accountant in a cloth shop and his mother the daughter of a court bailiff. There is nothing extraordinary about his parents or his ancestors, which could be said to have been inherited by him to account for the…

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Chinnaswami Rajam – Founder of The Madras Institute of Technology

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Shri Chinnaswami Rajam was described as a “pioneer in the Industrial Field” by the late Dr.C.P.Ramaswami Iyer. It is normally a fact that an enterprising person becomes an entrepreneur, leading himself to the path of being crowned as an Industrial Magnate. Until the first half of his life time Shri Rajam, even though youthful, dynamic, aspiring and hard-working, did not get his break. He was born on 28th Nov. 1882, in the village of Swamimalai, near Kumbakonam. He had his High School education at the Town High School, Kumbakonam. Till…

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T. V. Sadasiva Pandarathar – A Lifetime Researcher and Lecturer

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The name T. V. Sadasiva Pandarathar is synonymous with some of the time tested historic research works available in Tamil. As a lifetime researcher and lecturer at Annamalai University, Pandarathar produced commendable works on the reigns of ancient south Indian dynasties – apart from numerous research articles on epigraphy and Tamil literature. By nationalising his works recently, the government has paved way for republishing his texts some of which are currently out of print. Pandarathar was born in 1862 at Thiruppurambiyam, near Kumbakonam. His early years of study happened in…

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